Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Full Kitchen Remodel

First I want to start off and tell you we started this project in October and only worked on the kitchen on Sunday’s because that’s our only day off from work. Also, we didn’t hire anyone with the remodel. We are still not 100% done. We are debating if we should purchase new countertops as well. We started off painting the kitchen walls 3 walls were painted with BM paint color Berkshire Beige AC-2 and an accent wall of Texas Leather AC-3.  We painted the trim and cabinets with Sherwin Willams Proclassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel Pure White Paint, added stainless steel handles on all the cabinets. We bought brand new appliances. My dad and boyfriend added canned lights above the counters for lighting. We took out the old vinyl tile flooring and replaced it with 18x18 ceramic tile. At the end of the post I will put down our budget and total spent on the kitchen remodel.

1200 kitchen This is a picture from the first day we bought the house.


Project is starting!!


I was busying painting


Measuring if dishwasher will fit


Almost ready to lay tile

DSC00899 DSC00900

Canned Lights


Accent wall


Ready to go down

DSC00902 DSC00915

Our brand new MayTag dishwasher

DSC00916 DSC00918 DSC00922 DSC00924



Where the fridge is going to be atstove

Appliances and floor is in place!


Another view in the kitchen

 kitchen view 

Im so happy :)

kitchensink finshed

Nice picture of tile


Got my KitchenAid Mixer out!


My cooking corner


My accent wall


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