Friday, September 3, 2010

My new gift

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This Hoover vacuum is amazing.
Its bagless and light-weight.
It very easy to clean. 
My boyfriend bought me this vacuum
for my birthday from Costco. Thanks =]
The part I love the most is the rewind button.
It rewinds the cord for you! Amazing, I know!!
No more bending over ever! 
Just step on a button and presto 
all nice and neatly wrapped up.
I did a test between 
my mom's 600 dollar vacuum 
and my 150 dollar vacuum.
First my mom vacuumed the family room
then I went in after and
I filled my vacuum up with dirt! 
I can't believe her's missed all the dust and hair.
Gross! Now we can really be healthy and breathe again,
Thanks to my Hoover UH70205!!!

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